Family Life and Youth Ministry Office

Youth Programs

We provide training, resources, and general support for any youth program that is being run throughout the Diocese of Pembroke.

Family Life

We facilitate marriage preparation programs for all who are getting married in a Catholic Church in the Diocese. In addition, we provide resources and support for any marriage enrichment or family programs. 

Young Adults

We host a monthly Young Adult discussion, and cover topics ranging from ecclesiastical documents to spiritual books. 


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Youth Ministry

For decades the Diocese of Pembroke has been seeking to provide opportunities for young people to rediscover their faith, or discover it for the first time! The purpose of youth ministry is to give youth a chance to truly encounter the truth and the beauty that is present in the Catholic Faith. Whether they know their faith well, or are just curious about it, our mission is to give all youth a chance to become the best person they possibly could be. Click HERE to learn more about Youth Ministry in the Diocese.

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