Our mission, at the Family Life and Youth Ministry Office, is to help parishes make their youth and family programs run as smoothly and successfully as possible. To accomplish this, we offer training sessions to any parish or area that requests it.

We can train youth ministers and leaders on:

  • Small Group Management
  • Starting and Maintaining a Youth Group
  • Child Safety Protocols
  • Crowd Management
  • Games

…and many other topics.

We can develop a training session to fit your needs, and the needs of the parish community. If you only have an evening to have the session, or if you are setting aside an entire day, we can work with you to develop the skills that you need to be an effective youth minister.

To request a training, please contact Gordon Lund: 

Additional Training Information

The FLYMO supports youth and family ministry formation in the diocese by providing training opportunities in the form of workshops and presentations for youth and family ministry leaders.  Training workshops are held periodically in various zones in the diocese and can be requested at any time as the need arises.

Understanding and applying effective youth and family ministry practices enhances parish and community life.  The more we understand about how to meet the needs of our young people and thier families, the more vibrant parish life becomes.  There are so many ideas and practices that can help your parish.  Why not hold a workshop in your area to find out more?

Presently, the following workshops are available free of charge and can be customized to suit a specific time frame.  Please call the FLYMO to inquire about any workshop or presentation that may interest you.  More workshops and presentations are in the works and will be made available in time.


Passing on the Faith (Presentation)

  • This presentation is geared primarily for parents still raising children in thier home.  Its purpose is to help parents understand the importance of passing thier faith on to their children. Through personal testimony, experience and practical ideas, parents are encouraged and given tools to bring thier faith into the home in a more intentional and purposeful way.  Great for parent meetings for First Communion and/or Confirmation preparation.

Family Formation (Presentation)

  • A parish based family formation program is currently being used in some parishes in the diocese to meet the needs of families in the 21st Century.  This program can be presented to parish councils or any other group that is looking to offer a ready-made, easy to use program for family ministry within a parish.  This program involves parents and children ages 3 to grade 6.  Parents are finding this program very helpful as many have either forgotten about different aspects of their faith and the Church or were never taught them.  It is difficult to pass on to your children what you do not know.  Family catechesis is becoming very popular and effective.


Understanding Youth Ministry and How to get started (Workshop- full day)

  • This workshop provides an overall view of how youth ministry has developed over the past 30 years and what we have learned about what works and what doesn’t and what youth ministry is and what it is not.   Much time and money has been spent over the years researching effective youth ministry practices and there is a lot we can learn from the past. It dispells some myths about what many think youth ministry is and whose responsiblity it is.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be as time consuming as you think and there are simple things  that can be done to help meet the faith needs of young people and parents.

Effective Practices for Dynamic Youth Ministry (Workshop)

  • This workshop is great for those just beginning in youth ministry or those who have been around for awhile. It covers the importance of parish support, qualities, elements and practices of Dynamic Youth Ministry. It gives an excellent overview of how to have the greatest amount of success in your ministry to youth no matter which program you choose to use.