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Welcome to the FLYMO Resource Lending Library serving the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pembroke.  We have a growing number of books, DVDs and Videos on issues of Family Life and Youth Ministry.  Check out the list below.  These resources are available to help Catholics in the diocese to grow in faith and knowledge of Church teaching, ministry with family and youth, life and marriage issues and more.

To borrow items please contact Yvette Bourque at 613 732-7933 Ex. 208 | email


Bible Study and Church History

  • Catholic Youth Bible-St. Mary’s Press
  • College Study Bible-St. Mary’s Press
  • Glossary of Theological Terms-St. Mary’s Press- John T. Ford, CSC
  • Primary Source Readings in Catholic Church History
  • Salvation History- Essential Quick Charts- St. Mary’s Press
  • Bible Basics-Essential Quick Charts- St.Mary’s Press

Theology of the Body

  • Theology of the Body, What It Means, Why It Matters -R. Hogan
  • Theology of the Body for Beginners -Christopher West
  • Theology of the Body: Human Love in the Divine Plan -John Paul II
  • Adult Faith Formation Program-Created and Redeemed-John Paul II’s Theology of the Body
    • Study Guide and Leader’s Guide -Christopher West
  • Theology of the Body (Naked Without Shame)
    • Study Guide (goes with CD program) -Christopher West

    Theology of the Body for Teens -DVD series for High School age youth-Christopher West

Parish Youth Ministers/Catechists

  • Renewing the Vision, A framework for Catholic youth Ministry-USCCB
  • Adolescent Catechesis-USCCB Publishing
  • Building the Civilization of Love-John Paul II, Youth Ministry and the Third Millennium-Eric J. Westby
  • Catechist for all Children-Our Sunday Visitor-Joseph D. White, PH.D./Anita Arista White
  • Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth -(A teaching activities manual for  high school teachers)
  • Catholic Youth Bible
  • Catholic Pocket Evnagelist-Queenship Publishing-Fr. Mario P. Romero
  • Commentary on the Generqal Directory for Catechesis-Most Rev. Raymond L. Burke
  • Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church-CCCB
  • Confident Catechist, The Covenant Retreat Series
  • Coach Them Well: Fostering Faith and Developing Character in Athletes -Dale Brown, David Cutcliffe and Kelly Herrmann
  • CORE Handbook-A practical guide for CORE MEMBERS-LIFE TEEN
  • Crisis Problems for today’s youth-Fr. Peter Fehrenbach
  • Deepest Longing of Young People-Loving without conditions-St. Mary’s Press- Gerry Goebel
  • General Instruction of the Roman Missal-USCCB Pulbications
  • Glossary of Theological Terms-St. Mary’s Press-John T. Ford, CSC
  • Guide for Catechists-Vatican City-USCCB publications
  • Handbook for today’s Catholic-Ligouri Press-A redemptorist pastoral publication
  • Listening to a teenager-Ruth Reardon
  • Media Mindfulness: Educating Teens about Faith and Media -Gretchen Hailer & Rose Pacatte
  • Make It Real: A Practical Resource for Teen-Friendly Evangelization -Frank Mercadante
  • Ministry Ideas for Celebrating Lent and Easter with Teen, Families and Parishes-St. Mary’s Press-Judy Dankert/Marilyn Kielbasa, Marie Sajsa
  • Ministry of Evangelization-Susan W. Blum
  • Prayers for Catechists-Liturgy Training Publications
  • relevant Faith, Significant Conversations-OneFamily Outreach-Jerry Goebel
  • Significant Conversations-Helping Young people live meaning-filled Lives-One Family Outreach-Jerry Goebel
  • The Confident Catechist-Stategies for the New and Not so New Volunteer-St. Mary’s Press-Lee Dancesco
  • The Mystery we proclaim-Catechesis for the Third Millennium-Our Sunday Visitor-Francis D. Kelly
  • Your one stop guide to the Sacraments-Roman Catholic-Fr. Dale Fushek/BIll Dodds
  • Your one stop guide to the Mass-Roman Catholic-Fr. Dale Fushek/Bill Dodds
  • Youth At Worship- A guide for liturgy planning involving youth-CCCB
  • Youth Retreats for any Schedule
  • Ministry Ideas for Celebrating Lent and Easter with Teens, Families and Parishes-St. Mary’s Press-Judy Dankert, Marilyn Kielbasa, Marie Sajsa
  • Christianity, Cults and Religions-Compare 17 religions and Cults with Biblical Christianity-Rose Publishing
  • What every catechise shoud know-Our Sunday Visitor-Joseph D. White, PH.D
  • Bible peope Flash cards- St. Mary’s Press
  • Thriving in Youth Ministry-SMP- Robert J. McCarty, DMin.
  • Ministry Ideas for celebrating Advent and Christmas with Teens, Families, and Parishes-SMP-Janet Claussen, Marilyn Kielbasa
  • Ministry ideas for celebrating Lent and Easter with Teens, Families and Parishes-SMP-Judy Dankert, Marilyn Kielbasa, Marie Sajsa
  • No meeting required-Strategies for Nongathered Ministry with Young People-SMP-Christina J. Semmel
  • Ready to go Game Shows….that teach serious stuff-Catholic Teachings and Pracatices Edition-SMP-Michael Theisen
  • Ready to go Game Shows…that teach serious stff-Bible Edition-SMP-Michael theisen
  • Helping Kids in Crisis..Recognize, Respond, Refer-SMP-Jo Hittner, PHD
  • Be a Champion of Youth…Standing With, By and For Young People-SMP-Maggie Wilson McCarty, DMin. and Robert J. McCarty, DMin.
  • Letting Go of the Chaos…Ideas for addressing Ministry related Stress-SMP- Victoria Shepp
  • Effective Practices for Dynamic Youth Ministry-SMP-Thomas East

Youth Leadership Development

  • Coach Them Well: Fostering Faith and Developing Character in Athletes -Dale Brown, David Cutcliffe and Kelly Herrmann
  • Growing Teen Disciples -St.Mary’s Press-Frank Mercadante
  • Living the Works of Mercy: Daring Teens to Change the World -Ellen P. Cavanaugh
  • Never Too Young to Lead-Developing Leadership in Young Adolescents-St. Mary’s Press-Marueen P. Provencher

Ministry to High School Teens-Grade 9-12

  • Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth & Teaching Activities Manual
  • Creative Activities for Small Youth Groups
  • Creative Communication and Discussion Activities-St. Mary’s Press-Wayne Rice/Mike Yaconelli
  • Living the Works of Mercy: Daring Teens to Change the World -Ellen P. Cavanaugh
  • Ministry Ideas for Celebrating Lent and Easter With Teens, Families and Parishes
  • One Day Retreats for Sr. High Youth-St. Mary’s Press- Geri Braden-Whartenby/Joan Fenn Connelly
  • Total Youth Ministry-Complete Series-One book to cover each of the components of Youth Ministry
  • Seasonal retreats and prayer services for young adolescents-St. Mary’s Press-Jeni Vankat
  • The Covenant Retreat-A discernement experience for High School age Seniors-St. Mary’s Press-Steven C. McGlaun.
  • Answering God’s Call to Covenant-St. Mary’s Press-Jerry Windley-Daoust
  • Tough Choices-Bringing Moral Issues Home-Ave Maria Press-Sean Lunch and Brian O’Brien
  • Catholic Teen Survival Guide-Stewardship-Collen Smith
  • Pure Love-Catholic Answers-Jason Evert
  • In the Beginnig-Developing faith, A mini-course series for Teens(comes with Leaders guide and Students book)-Joseph Paprocki-Ave Maria Press
  • Did Adam and Eve Have Belly Buttons? And 199 other questions from Catholic teenagers-Ascension press- Matthew Pinto
  • Faith sharing for teens-Experiences that connect faith and life-SMP-Michael Theisen
  • Getaways with GOD-Youth Retreats for Any Schedule-SMP-Maryann Hakowski
  • Ask the Bible Geek 2-Servant books-Mark Hart
  • What I wish I had known about becoming a teenager-Wisdom and Advice from teens in High School-SMP-

Ministry to Young Adolescents-Grade 5-8

  • Community Building Ideas for Ministry With Young Teens-St. Mary’s Press-Marily Kielbasa
  • Holiday & Seasonal Ideas for Ministry With Young Teens
  • Justice & Service Ideas for Ministry With Young Teens
  • One Day Retreats-Jr. High Students
  • Youth retreats for any Schedule-
  • THE EDGE Start up Book plus volume 2,3,4 – A complete youth ministry program for youth grade 5-8
  • Family ideas for ministry with young teens-St. Mary’s Press-Carole Goodwin
  • Creative Resources for Youth Ministry-Communication and discussion activities-Wayne Rice/Mike Yaconelli
  • Make it and praye it -The Rosary Kit for Young People-Patricia Murray
  • More than the Mall-A survival guide for Christian Teens-Ligouri Publications-Jim Auer
  • Prayer Ideas for ministry with young teens-SMP-Joseph Grant
  • Family Ideas for ministry with young teens-SMP-Carole Goodwin
  • Community -building ideas for ministry with young teens-SMP-Marilyn Kielbasa
  • Hands on Ideas for ministry with young teens-SMP-Mayann Hakowski and Joyce Schoettler Jennings
  • Justice and Service for ministry with Young teens-SMP-Joseph Grant
  • Holiday and Seasonal Ideas for Ministry with Young Teens-SMP-Carole Goodwin and Maryilyn Kielbasa
  • Prayers with Pizzazz for Junior High Teens-SMP- Judi Laciotti

Social Justice/Service

  • Justice & Service Ideas for Ministry With Young Teens-St. Mary’s Press-Joseph Grant
  • Living the Works of Mercy: Daring Teens to Change the World -St.Mary’s Press-Ellen P. Cavanaugh
  • Making the Hours Count: Transforming Your Service Experience —Constance Fourre
  • Primary Source Readings in Catholic Social Justice (comes with leader’s guide)-St. Mary’s Press-Sarah Caffrey Cachand/Connie Fourré
  • Giving and Growing- A Student’s guide for Service Projects-St. Mary’s Press-Frances Hunt O’Connell
  • Making the Hours count-Transforming your service experience (comes with leader’s guide)-St. Mary’s Press-Constance Fourré
  • That’s not fair-A program for teaching Catholic Social Doctrine to Sixth Grade and up-SMP- Thomas Turner and Patricia Haney

Life Issues

  • Learning the Life issues Curriculum-A Pro-Life Curriculum for use in Catholic Secondary Schools (Excellent)-Toronto Right To Life Association-Ph. 416 483-7869 or www.rtl-toronto.org
  • The Human Embryo In its Pre-Implantation Phase-Pontifical Academy for Life
  • The gift of Life, The Right to Life-A workshop on Abortion-CCCB
  • Choose Life-Workshops on the Encyclical Evangelium Vitae-COLF (Catholic Organization for Family and Life)
  • The Gospel of Life Evangelium Vitae-One more Soul-John Paul II
  • Toward a Culture of Life-An explanation of Catholic teaching on respect for human life-Life Cycle Books-Alex Schadenberg/ Fr. Thomas A. Lynch.

Young Adults

  • A contemporary adult guide to conscience for the sacrament of confession-Fr. Richard J. Rego
  • Sons and Daughters of the Light-A pastoral Plan for Ministry with Young Adults-USCCB publishing
  • Sword of the Spirit-A beginner’s Guide to St. Paul-LIFE TEEN-Christopher Cuddy/Mark Hart


  • Pure Love-Catholic Answers-Jason Evert


  • Oneight-Life Teen Confirmation Program and retreat resource “You shall recieve power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be my witnesses…” Acts. 1:8-LIFE TEEN www.lifeteen.com
  • Come Holy Spirit-Great gift idea for new Confirmands-Liturgy Training Publications

Stories, Prayers & Devotions

  • Catholic Youth Prayer Book–St. Mary’s Press
  • Return to the Lord: Lenten Journey of Daily Reflections -Rev. Mark Boyer
  • Stories With a Purpose —Ronnie J. Muro & Rosanna Tsivourakis
  • Life’s little pprayer book-Contemporary books-Gary Lahoda
  • Stories with a Purpose-St. Mary’s Press-Ronnie J. Muro/Rosanna P. Tsivourakis
  • Best Loved Saints-CatholicBook Publishing-Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D
  • Life Can be a Wild Ride…more prayers by young teens-SMP
  • 22 Ready-Made Prayer Services with 100 extra prayer ideas-SMP-Maryann M. Hakowski
  • Prayers with Pizzazz for Junior High Teens-SMP-Judi Lanciotti

Games, Ice breakers

  • Creative Resources for youth ministry-Creative Crowd breakers, mixers and games
  • Icebreakers Ahead- Take it to the next level-Creative Youth Ideas- Ken Sapp/Josh Goh


  • Faithfully parenting Teens-Concordia Publishing House-John R. Bucka
  • Teaching self discipline to Children 15 Essential skills-Twenty -Third Publications-Barbara C. Vasiloff
  • The Heart of Motherhood- Crossroad Publishing Company – Donna-Marie Coooper O’Boyle

Marriage and Family

  • Christian Marriage-One more Soul- Encyclical letter of Pius XI
  • Love Courtship and Marriage-Fr. Daniel A. Lord
  • Marriage, The Rock on which the Family is Built-Ignatius William E. May
  • Covenant of Love- John Paul II on Sexuality, Marriage, and Family in the Modern World-Ignatius Press-Rev. Richard Hogan/Rev. John LeVoir
  • The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality-issues by the Pontifical Council for the Family-The Wanderer Press/Human Life International
  • On Life and Love, A guide to Cotholic Teaching on Marriage and Family-Twenty Third Publications-William Urbine and William Seifert.
  • God Is Love-Encyclical letter by Pope Benedict XVI-One More Soul.


  • Rocked by God-Teens’ experiences of God-Franciscan University Press-Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR
  • Letters to Teens-Hopeful words from an Archbishop-Ligouri Publications-Rembert G. Weakland,OSB
  • Parents and schools in Partnership-A message for Parents on Nurturing Faith in Teens (Pamphlet)-Leif Kehrwald
  • Eucharist:Source and Summit of Life and Mission of the Church (6 week discussion guide for small groups)- Maureen Gallagher and Jean Marie Hiesberger
  • Return to the Lord-Praying and Living Lent-St. Mary’s Press-Tony Alonso
  • Companion to the Calandar-A guide to the Saints and Mysteries of the Christian Calendar-Liturgy training Publicatoins-Mary Ellen Hynes
  • Arms of Love-Novel by Carmen Marcoux
  • The Catholic Youth Bible, New Testament and Psalms-SMP
  • Hello My Name is JESUS- Did Jesus have a last name? and 199 other questions from Catholic Teenagers.-Ascension Press-Matthew Pinto & Jason Evert
  • YES! I Am Catholic-How Faith Plays a role in my life-SMP- Beth Dotson Brown
  • Positively Dangerous-Live Loud, Be Real, Change the world-SMP Frank Mercadante


  • T3 The Teen Timeline-(comes with leaders guide and teen study kit)-4DVDs with 8 session approx. 40 min. long)-Ascension Press-EXCELLENT!
  • No Turning Back-Confessions of a Catholic Priest-Approx. 1.5 hrs-St. Joseph Communications Canada-Ph: 306 937-2529-EXCELLENT!
  • Saints-Gospel Artists “We are all called to be Holy”-Salt and Light TV
  • Fishers of Men-Priestly life and vocation Summit-Grassroots films-Excellent!
  • Baby Steps-16 stages of Pre-Birth Development, Amazing 4-D Ultrasound imagery-American Life League, Inc.
  • T3 Thy Kingdom Come-Study of Matthew’s Gospel-(Comes with leaders guide and teen study kit)-4 DVDs-Ascension Press-Mark Hart-Excellent!


  • How to immerse Teens in Scripture-Kevin Saunders