Below are resources that you may find useful, both for personal development or for starting a program of your own. Give these sites a look; you never know what might stick out to you!

Youth Ministry Leaders/Teachers

Ascension Press is responsible for some of the best youth ministry programs available, as well as many other wonderful resources. If you are looking to start a youth program, or even an adult study, please visit their site. is a subscription based service that provides access to hundreds of programs, talks, and movies that are useful both in the home as well as for use in a program. If you would like access to this site through the Diocese, please CONTACT US and ask for the code.

Youth E Source is a great website that hosts blogs, resources, testimonies, and general information concerning youth ministry. If you are thinking of getting into youth ministry in any way, this is a great place to start.

Loyola Press has resources for any age, from children to adults. They have online mini-retreats, as well as many other resources for faith formation.

Dynamic Catholic has books, cd’s, videos, and programs all available at a very low cost. If you see books or resources you would like to order, either order them yourself or request them from our office. Please CONTACT US and let us know what resource you are looking for.

Youth Ministry (High School)

Lifeteen is the company behind the most popular youth ministry programs in North America, LifeTeen and EDGE. Visit the website for a preview of the programs, or to subscribe to one of their programs.

The Chastity Project is the brainchild of Jason and Christilina Evert. It seeks to present John Paul II’s Theology of the Body in a way that teens can understand and learn from. They have books and videos available on their site.

Theology of the Body Resources

Theology of the Body Institute: Courses and speakers for information about Theology of the Body.

Dumb Ox Ministries: A valuable resource for teens and families.

Education and Formation in Theology of the Body.

Physical Resources

The following are resources that are available to borrow through the Family life and Youth Ministry Office of the Diocese of Pembroke. If you would like to borrow any of these, please contact us via email, or stop by the office! We always have time to sit and have a chat about resources that are available to anyone within the Diocese of Pembroke.

Oremus: A Catholic Guide to Prayer is a program aimed at helping all Catholics, whether you have been Catholic your life or are a new convert, to dive into the mystery and the fullness of prayer. Through this program, we learn what prayer really is, and how it should affect every moment of our lives.

Program Length: 8 weeks

Intended Audience: Adults

Who would benefit: All Catholic Adults who wish to be formed in their prayer life

YOU., Theology of the Body for Teens, is a program aimed at introducing high-school aged students to Theology of the Body. With the state of personal identity that we see high-schoolers dealing with, they need all the help they can get. YOU. gives them this opportunity.

Program Length: 10 weeks

Intended Audience: High-School aged youth

If you are interested in this program, please let us know.

DOCAT: Study Guide

The DOCAT and the DOCAT Study Guide are fantastic resources for youth and young adults seeking to learn more about the role of the Church in relation to social issues. The study guide helps to dive into the text, and has many good ideas for ways that we can participate in the mission of the Church. We have many copies available, so if you would like to borrow a copy, and perhaps start a study group, please contact our office!

*Not just meant for youth. These books can and should be read by anyone and everyone.